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Spend the most fascinating days in Seoul, the new and rising pop music scene, as part of the upcoming course!


High-End Facilities / Unlimited Lab Hours

Our facility consists of 3 professional studios and 4 high-tech classrooms that accommodate various music & sound production. Aside from the class time, all Record Factory students are given the unlimited personal lab hours from morning to night to study and gain hands-on experience.


Certified by the Leading Music Companies

With the effective and progressive educational programs complemented by excellent faculty staffs and facilities, Record Factory has been recognized by the leading companies in today’s music industry. We are currently a certified training center in partnership with Ableton, the creator of an innovative music production tool called Live, and Avid, the maker of the music industry’s standard DAW known as Pro Tools.


Seoul - The Heart of K-Pop Music

As the home-base of K-pop music, Seoul is rising as a new significant pop music scene in the world. In this popular city full of trendy items, style and culture, explore unique music and nightclubs of various genres and get the taste of both Korean and global arts and culture!


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