Mixing Bootcamp / Masterclass

Learn Professional Mixing Techniques from an intensive 5-day course

Course Description

Do you constantly feel something is missing in your music? You've been following numerous YouTube tips and techniques, but still have not improved your sound? Learn know-how to create professional and musical sounds through a 5-day special Mixing Bootcamp / Masterclass!

Mixing Bootcamp / Masterclass does not simply cover Plug-in usage or tips. From understanding acoustic theory for musical sound, to advanced signal processing techniques for producing trendy sounds, you will be able to learn all the process to complete the high-quality master in 40 hours of a 5-day course.

This course includes special masterclass with legendary K-Pop mixing engineers - Hyuk Park & Han Goo Kim - who have been working with top K-Pop artists including BTS, EXO, SHINee, Super Junior, NCT 127, SHINHWA, INFINITE, Apink, Standing Egg and IZ*ONE.

All classes will be held at Record Factory & Sound Pool Studio with professional Mixing environment, and Jong Hee Park, Record Factory Founder & CEO will be in charge of all the lectures for 5 days.

Course Information

Delayed due to COVID-19, TBA

Mon to Fri, 2 pm to 10 pm
Lecture Hours : 40 hours
Language : English
Max. Student / Class : 12 students
Tuition : $1680 USD

Upcoming Class

Delayed due to COVID-19, TBA

Day 1. Sound Theory / Visualization / Tone & Manner / Storytelling

- Basic sound theroy for Mixing / Mastering
- Differences in listening environments such as Binaural / Stereo Speakers and Visualization of sound sources
- Sound Directing & Storytelling through understanding of Tone and Manner
- Analysis and Discussion of Historical Mixes

Day 2. Signal Flow / Editing / Balance Mixing

- Systematic understanding of Signal Flow in DAWs
- Managing Levels in Floating Point Audio Engine ( Gain-Staging )
- Arranging Projects ( Sessions ) and Sub-Group setup for efficient Mixing
- Phase & Time Alignment for drum sources and Fixed Tempo-based Editing
- Variable Tempo-based Editing for applying drummer's groove
- Vocal / Chorus Editing and Tuning
- Balance Mixing using Dynamic Clip Gain / Pan / Volume Fader

Day 3. EQ & Dynamic Processing

- Introduction to history of Mixing Console and traditional EQ / Compressor
- Understanding the basic concept of Parametric EQ
- Common sound problems and solutions using basic Subtractive EQ
- Coloration and Musical EQ techniques using traditional Console and Analog-based EQ
- Various use of latest Digital-based Parametric / Dynamic EQ
- Understanding the basic concept of Compressor ( Thre, Rat, Att, Rel, Knee, Side-chain )
- Understanding Envelope / Depth Control and Tone Changes using Compressor
- Principles of Vari-Mu / FET / Opto / VCA and Adding character to sounds using Analogue-based Compressor
- Understanding Compression and Saturation using Analog Tape Simulator
- Use of Multi-Band Compressor and Brick-wall Limiter

Day 4. Space / Modulation / Harmonic Processing

- Basic use of Mono / Stereo Delay
- Musical use of Multi-Tap / Rhythm / Tape Delay
- Understanding of Direct Sound / Pre-Delay / Early-Reflection / Reverberation
- Reverb Algorithm ( Room / Hall / Ambience ) that recreates actual acoustic space and its usage
- Analog Devices & Unrealistic Reverb Algorithm ( Spring / Plate / Non-linear / Reverse ) and its usage
- Principle of Convolution Reverb and directions and precautions for the use
- Realistic and Unrealistic space design for Storytelling and use of Musical Reverb
- Principle and Musical use of Flanger / Chorus / Phaser
- Principle and Musical use of Low-Pass Filter / Amp Simulator / Saturator
- Principle and Musical use of Sub-Harmonic / Resonator / Exciter
- Principle and Musical use of Pitch Shifter / Harmonizer

Day 5. Full-day Special Masterclass @ Sound Pool Studio

- 8 hours of Special Masterclass with legendary K-Pop mixing engineer - Hyuk Park & Han Goo Kim
- Hyuk Park & Han Goo Kim, Co-owner of Sound Pool Studio, have been working with top K-Pop artists including BTS, EXO, SHINee, Super Junior, NCT 127, SHINHWA, INFINITE, Apink, Standing Egg and IZ*ONE.
- Students will visit the Sound Pool Studio and learn about practical mixing techniques directly from legendary engineers.

Instructor - Jong Hee Park, Record Factory CEO

Jong Hee Park is a multi-talented entrepreneur who are fearless in testing his limits in the music industry. After studying at Vancouver Film School and Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, Jong Hee set up his own recording studios, EPI and 7 Hertz, which paved the path for his notable career as a sound engineer. From K-Pop, movies, commercials to games, Jong Hee immersed himself in various genres and styles of music in his sound design work, and mastered all three fields of sound engineering-recording, mixing, and mastering. Jong Hee’s passion now lies in leading the young aspiring producers/engineers/musicians with the effective educational programs, and he hopes to achieve that dream with Record Factory.

Masterclass Instructor - Hyuk Park & Han Goo Kim, Sound Pool Studio Co-Owner

Masterclass with Han Goo Kim & Hyuk Park from sound POOL, who have been in charge of the mixes including the studio albums of Super Junior, NCT 127, INFINITE, SHINHWA, Apink, Weki Meki, and Golden Child, the live albums of BTS, EXO, SHINee, and the TV competition series including Mnet SuperStar K, Produce 101, Produce 48, SBS K-Pop Star, and more.

Delayed due to COVID-19, TBA