Guesthouse, Motel, Residence and Hotels in Seoul


A bustling city with a lot to offer, Seoul provides variety of shelter that accommodates your preferences. Student will be able to choose from guesthouse, motel, residence to hotel when booking their room to stay in Korea ( The price goes from inexpensive to expensive in order ).

- Guesthouse consists of a single, double, twin, and dormitory rooms that often include continental breakfast with kitchen and bathroom shared with other guests. The biggest pro of guesthouse is that you will easily connect with fellow foreigners and make friends with those who may be down to explore Korea with you.

- Motel is a simple and basic option of a room, a fridge and a bathroom that allows one to enjoy one’s private space.

- Residence is a small version of furnished condominium with hostel-like services and facilities. Kitchen, bathroom, multiple rooms and other features such as washer and dryer may be available, and often close proximity to public transportation and tourist attractions.

- Hotels, probably the most expensive and the superior option, provides a high-quality a private room and bathroom with room and cleaning services. A number of other services and amenities such as restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center and spa in the facility may be included depending on the facility.

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