Record Factory - Seoul Campus

Where your music begins


Studio A - SSL Studio

Studio A comes with a high-end production system based on the SSL AWS924 console and Pro Tools Ultimate. Studio A offer a variety of lectures and exercises for recording and mixing.


Studio A - 4 Recording Booths

Studio A has four booths for recording various instruments and vocals. There are also Yamaha C6 grand piano, drums, amps, and 40 microphones for students to use at any time.


Studio B - 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Studio

Studio B comes with a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system for 3D immersive sound production. Studio B offers various lectures and exercises for sound design.


Studio B - Foley / ADR Booths

Studio B has three booths for ADR and Foley recording. Students use various booths to design sounds for movies, games and commercials.


Studio C - 5.1 Surround Studio

Studio C comes with a professional setup for 5.1 surround production and vocal recording. Studio B, C and various booths are connected to each other by Dante network audio.


Classroom A - Synth Lab

Synth Lab has eight sets of music production systems. Each system comes with an iMac, Korg Minilogue & Volca analog synthesizer set, and Ableton Push 2.


Classroom B - Groove Lab

Groove Lab has six sets of music production systems. Each system comes with an iMac, N.I Maschine Studio, UA Apollo Twin interface, Arturia KeyLab, and Serato DDJ-SX.


Classroom C - Sound Lab

Sound Lab has 10 sets of sound production systems and DM2000 recording system. Each system comes with an iMac, Pro Tools Ultimate, and a variety of audio plug-ins.


Lounge - Synth Demo Room

Sponsored by a number of manufacturers who support Record Factory, students can use a variety of analog synthesizers for their music production.


Record Factory, Where your music begins

Record Factory feels responsible to provide the best education possible for all students that come across our campus in their musical journey. We aim to create a whole new culture of music production by raising the quality of education relevant to the fields. If you desire to grow as unique artists with your own vision rather than being the mere tool operators, Record Factory is the place for you.